Ikea Klammig / Pyttig Antilop High Chair Cushion Cover Flecks and Solid Grey Back Print


This listing is for the Ikea Klammig / Pyttig Antilop Highchair removable cushion cover (INSERT NOT INCLUDED). Monochrome Flecks and solid grey Design.

These items are handmade to order so can take 2-3 weeks to ship during busy periods.

This highchair is brilliant for little ones, all the components make it easy to clean, it’s sleek and the price is great. However aside from the fact everyone has the same highchair cover and I like to be original, I found the cotton to be quite impractical! We did baby led weaning but no matter which method of weaning you choose its still a messy business and the cotton cover it comes with just doesn’t cut it.

The covers are handmade to order using oilcloth and finished with a zip. I have used the same one for two years now and it has stood the test of time, it still looks great and is easily cleaned with a cloth or disinfecting wipe after each use.

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Care Instructions:

DO NOT machine wash or use bleaches on your chair cover, simply wipe clean with a warm damp cloth or baby/disinfectant wipe after each use. Be careful with hot liquids as they may damage/melt the plastic coating.

Please be mindful that our covers are wipeable but they are not stain resistant.  Try not to let your cover sit soiled to prevent stains.


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